Below is a list of websites that I use with my students in order to teach digital citizenship.

Net Smart Workshop has a variety of resources that teachers can download to educate students regarding basic Internet safety. The site has videos, real life scenarios, discussion starters, web comic books, games, and projects for students. Not only does the site has materials for teachers to use, but it also has content for parents, law enforcement, teens, tweens and kids. is a blog that has ten rules for kids to follow in order to maintain safety while online. This blog also has Safety and Advice Tools for parents to use with their children. Some of the tools include a family contract, parent guides for various social networking sites, and safety tips. Additionally, this site has a news feed from ConnectSafely, which is also a blog that discusses smart online socializing.
GCF has online tutorials for teaching Internet safety. There are about five different tutorials dealing with various aspects of online safety. There is even an online quiz for parents to take after the tutorials.

Get Net Wise is a blog that has very good articles that can be used as a springboard for discussions about digital citizenship.

Common Sense Media has Internet safety videos for students to learn best practices to use while online. This organization offers a free Digital Literacy & Citizenship Tetbook.

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  1. The cartoon about “real world” & “digital world” is thought-provoking; great for a discussion with the class! Terrific graphics & a great list of websites; thank you!

    1. Yeah, it is a pertinent for kids to realize that the real world and digital world are the same. If we teach them not to talk to strangers in the real world, they need to know the same rules apply in the digital world. We also teach them not to bully in the real world; they should do that online either. However, kids believe that being online provides them with anonymity.

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