Bloom’s Taxonomy Math Prompts


Many authors write materials for teachers to use Bloom’s Taxonomy during Reading. From this, teachers create activities for students to complete or questions for students to answer that scaffold students’ learning while reading fiction or non-fiction text. With this poster set, teachers will receive Math-related prompts for each level of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. This will allow teachers to create tasks or word problems to facilitate student learning in Math. Teachers can use these prompts to:
• Write math lesson plans,
• Draft math word problems,
• Design extended math tasks,
• Create learning centers for math,
• Build students’ math literacy and comprehension,
• Develop students’ critical thinking skills, and
• Improve students’ social skills.

Exit Slips for Formative Assessment and Differentiated Instruction


Exit slips are a form of formative assessment, in that, teachers use the data they yield to drive their instruction. These exit slips can be used to assess students’ understanding of any subject after a lesson has been taught. I developed these exit slips when I taught 4th and 5th grade math. So, I recommend using them for grades 4 through 12.Teachers should use these exit slips to:
• Assess students’ understanding
• Plan for differentiated instruction
• Encourage students to think critically
• Promote metacognition in the classroom

This is my best selling product! Soon, I plan to expand this product to include 12 – 15 different exit slips for $3.00. Currently, the price is $1.00 for 5 different exit slips. All buyers will get the benefit of getting the expanded edition without the increased price.

Daily Math Practice Bundle for RIT Band 211 – 220


This set of math practice worksheets provides students with daily (Monday through Thursday) math problems based on the skills outlined in NWEA’s Learning Continuum for MAP testing. Each day, students solve four problems, one problem per math goal:
*Operations and Algebraic Thinking,
*Real and Complex Number Systems,
*Geometry, and
*Statistics and Probability.
These practice problems are designed to provide students with a vast exposure to the 211 – 220 RIT Band skills and concepts that they are ready to develop. This resource can be used for a bell ringer, small group instruction, or homework. Daily Math Practice Bundle for 221 – 230 RIT Band is also available. On sale now for $7.50, regular price is $15.00 and list price is $20.00.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Game for RIT Band 211-220

Cover_OAT Game_211_1
This board game supports Operations and Algebraic Thinking skills that students are developing in the RIT Band 211 – 220. This is a great game to play once students finish work early or at the end of the week after completing a Daily Math Practice worksheet for the same RIT Band. The game cards have practice problems that are designed to provide students with a vast exposure to math skills and concepts. The game cards can also be used for a bell ringer or tasks for a math center. Subscribe to my blog by September 1, 2015 and you will get this product for FREE!

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