Important Dates

  • 01/12/24
    • Quiz – Division Facts Drill
    • 5th Grade Test on Module 5
    • 6th Grade Test on Module 4, Part 1
  • 01/16/24 – Star 360 Mid-Year Assessment begins.


  • Happy New Year – I hope you had a relaxing holiday and spent quality time with your family and friends.
  • Supplies – Please restock your student’s school supplies. Please refer to the list below:
      • composition notebooks (Red only for math)
      • pencils and sharpener w/cover
      • colored pencils
      • scissors
      • glue sticks
      • 2-pocket folders w/3 prongs (Red only for math)
      • loose-leaf notebook paper
      • graph paper
      • protractor
      • pencil case
  • 2nd Quarter Grades – Report cards will be sent home on Friday, January 12, 2024. I plan to email parents the list of skills their child mastered on Friday as well. Please pay attention to my email; the list of skills is more important than the grade. Every (and I mean every) student’s math grade is inflated. I dropped 3 grades – 1 homework assignment, 1 quiz grade, and 1 class assignment. Aspen drops the lowest grade in each category, which helps students’ grades the most.
  • 2nd Quarter Failure Notes – I will be emailing failure notices to the parents of students who earned a D or F in math during the second quarter. I often get emails and have conferences with parents who ask what they can do to help their child. The failure notice has a list of actions that you should make sure your student takes to improve. Some parents disagree with the facts listed on the failure notice. The facts are the facts. I am only using quantitative data to report my observations.
  • Weekly Homework Calendar

Learning Objectives

5th Grade Skills

  • I can use the long division algorithm to divide 4-digitI by 2-digit divisors.
  • I can use the long division algorithm to solve real-world problems.

6th Grade Skills

  • I can solve one-step addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations.
  • I can use the solution to equations to solve real-world problems.
  • I can solve one-step addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division inequalities.
  • I can graph inequalities.