Important Dates

  • 11/08/23 – Deadline to redo (or do for those that are missing) Do Now assignments for Week 9, Week 10, and Week 11.
  • 11/09/23 – Deadline to submit test correction form with parent signature.
  • 11/09/23 – Retake Topic 3 Test
  • 11/09/23 – Multiplication Drill (9 minutes)
  • 11/10/23 – No School – Thank you to all the veterans!


  • Quarter 2 Progress – I entered grades over the weekend, and I am not pleased with the number of missing assignments. I do not assign work to keep students busy; I assign work for students to strengthen their understanding of the concepts and improve their skill development. Please make sure you read the comments that I put in Aspen next to the graded assignments. Students need to take advantage of getting multiple attempts to complete an assignment. I also give multiple deadline extensions because the last thing I want is for a student to have a missing assignment. These missing assignments hurt students’ grades in two ways:
    • Students receive a 0% for that assignment. I do not give students 50% for a missing assignment.
    • Students usually perform poorly on the assessments. Rarely will students score 100% on a test if they do not complete assignments related to the test.
  • Do Now Assignments – Students should work on this assignment every day and turn it in on the last day of the week. I give students too long to complete this work. It should only take them 5 minutes per day to complete that day’s activities. It has been taking almost 30 minutes lately. This takes too much time from the instruction and other learning activities that I have planned. Lately, most students have been using this time to socialize, and the quality of the work has decreased. Last Friday, many students did not submit this assignment. Last week’s Do Now only had work for Monday through Wednesday, and I told students to turn it in on Thursday, and I reminded students on Friday. So, today, November 6, 2023, I told every student the Do Nows that they had to do or redo (if their grade was unsatisfactory). As noted under the Important Dates, these assignments will be due on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.
  • Retake Tests – Students will have the opportunity to retake Topic 3 test on Thursday, November 9, 2023. If students do not meet all the requirements, they will not be able to retake the test. The requirements are essential to students’ success on the retake test. Last quarter, I allowed students to retake tests although they did not meet all requirements, and it did not change their performance. This will not happen again. The requirements are as follows:
    • Students must complete the assignments given in class after the skills are retaught.
    • Students must complete a test correction form.
    • Students must get a parent signature on the test correction form.
  • No Homework – Since I am providing students with an opportunity to improve their grade this week by redoing past assignments or completing missing work, I will not add to their workload. However, depending on the student, they might have to complete some assignments at home, such as the test correction form. By the way, no missing homework can be made up because I posted all the answers. 
  • No New Assignments for Week 12 – Again, this week, will be used to improve, so only grades from the last three weeks will be modified in Aspen. No new grades will be added for this week, except for a multiplication drill.
  • Extra Credit – So many parents asked me about extra credit last quarter. I typically don’t offer extra credit. Research has shown that students who do extra credit are those who don’t need it. Last week, I posted an extra credit opportunity in the weekly update to parents, and only one student’s parent took advantage of it.
  • After School Programs – I have not received any registration forms for the After-School Program. There will be a 5-6th grade math club that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I have not been notified if I was selected to facilitate the club. However, if I am selected, I will be tutoring students to improve their performance and grades in math.

Learning Objectives

5th Grade Skills

  • I can use mental math to multiply a whole number by a power of 10.
  • I can estimate products.
  • I can multiply multi-digit numbers by a 1-digit number.
    • 2 digits by 1 digit
    • 3 digits by 1 digit
    • 4 digits by 1 digit
  • I can multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number.
  • I can multiply a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number.
  • I can solve real world problems with multi-digit multiplication.

6th Grade Skills

  • I can write and evaluate numbers with exponents.
  • I can write the prime factorization of a number.
  • I can find the greatest common factor (GCF) of two numbers.
  • I can find the least common multiple (LCM) of two numbers.
  • I can write and evaluate numerical expressions.
  • I can write algebraic expressions.
  • I can evaluate algebraic expressions.