Important Dates

  • 11/17/23 – Multiplication Drill (The last 9-minute drill; we will decrease the time to 8 minutes for the next drill.
  • 11/20/23 – Thanksgiving Break Begins
  • 11/27/23 -School Resumes


  • Homework – During our Curriculum Night, I stated that I do not grade homework, but I evaluate homework. This does not mean students can submit anything and they’ll receive credit. I stated that students get credit for doing homework, but it must be done with integrity. What does this mean? This means students must attempt to complete each problem they are assigned. Students must show all calculations. This is a math class; I must see students’ work. Students with integrity have no problem showing their work. If the question is asking for students to explain something, then they must write an explanation in order to receive credit. Every problem in the workbook has an example in the workbook. Students should have explanations for the concepts in their notes. If a student gets lost while completing a problem, they should still attempt to do the problem by breaking it down, write what they understand, and tell how it is connected to another problem.
  • Exit Tickets – I implemented online Exit Tickets today because I want to keep track of students’ understanding and participation before there is a graded assignment. The exit ticket comes from the Independent Practice that students complete in class. Students have always had to show what they know or can do from the lesson. However, I noticed that since students do not get graded for these practice exercises that they are not doing them.
  • Week 12 Assignments – In last week’s update, I stated that there were no new assignments, but students actually had a couple of assignments that they had to do to prepare for the retake test. Those assignments will be entered into Aspen tomorrow.
  • Retake Test – Most students did not complete the necessary tasks to retake the test. Please see criteria below. There will not be another day to retake Topic 3 test unless a student is absent. The requirements are as follows:
    • Students must complete the assignments given in class after the skills are retaught.
    • Students must complete a test correction form.
    • Students must get a parent’s signature on the test correction form. Parents should not sign blank test correction forms. Students must correct their work and show calculations. Students will not be allowed to retake the test if their form is blank with a parent’s signature. Students will not be allowed to retake a test with incorrect answers on the test correction form. The purpose of the form is for students to show they learned from their mistakes.
  • Thanksgiving Break – I do not give projects or packets.
  • Weekly Homework Calendar

Learning Objectives

5th Grade Skills

  • I can multiply decimals by powers of 10.
  • I can use rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the product of a decimal and a whole number.

6th Grade Skills

  • I can identify and write equivalent algebraic equations.
  • I can combine like terms in algebraic expressions.