Important Dates

    • 04/30/24 – 5th Grade Pixel Art Online Activity Due – Students will see the assignment in Google Classroom on this day. These questions will be taken from the activities done in class on 04/29/24. Students will know if their answers are correct or incorrect as they complete each problem. So, students should make the necessary corrections as they complete the activity. There will not be an extension to the due date for this assignment unless a student is absent. Students will only have the class period to complete the activity.
    • 05/02/24 – Small Group Work Due – All worksheets in students’ small group work folder for this week should be complete by this day.
    • 05/02/24 – 5th Grade Freckle Activity Due – Students will see the assignment on their Freckle dashboard on this day. Students can redo the activity if they do not get the desired grade. However, the questions will be different, but the skill is the same. Students will only have the class period to complete the activity.
    • 05/03/24 – Do Now Due – Students will complete 5 problems each day, Monday through Thursday. Students have to turn in their Do Now every day by placing it in the inbox for their class. No Do Now worksheet should go home or leave the classroom. Students should use the time given in class to complete the work.
    • 05/03/24 – 5th Grade Topic 12 Test – If the class average is at least 70%, there will be no retake test.
    • 05/03/24 – Small Group Assignments via IXL Due – Each group will have a different assignment to complete in IXL after they finish their worksheets for this week in their small group folder.
    • 05/03/24 – Progress Reports – Students will receive a copy of their 4th quarter progress report.


    • Due Dates – Please make sure you understand the important dates above. I am informing you of the classroom assignments that are due. I cannot send out a text message every day to remind you. I will not accept late work unless a student is absent. 
    • Lost Math Books – If your student lost a math book, please have them log into Savvas so they can see the pages of the homework assignments.  I also include a picture of the homework on my website.
    • CPS 5th Grade Promotion Policy – Parents of students, who are at risk of having to attend summer school, will receive a notice this week that specifies the remediation plan. At-risk students will have to meet the goals of their remediation plan by 05/17/24.
      • 05/17/24 – Last day for teachers to enter grades for 5th graders.
      • 05/21/24 – Preliminary Summer Bridge Eligibility Forecast
    • Weekly Homework Calendar

5th Grade Learning Objectives

    • I can convert customary units of length, capacity, and weight.
    • I can convert metric units of length, capacity, and mass.

5th Grade Small Group Skills

    • Group 1 – Find the measure of an unknown angle in a figure.
    • Group 2 – Evaluate numerical expressions with grouping symbols.
    • Group 3 – Compare fractions with unlike denominators. Write fraction: sum of like fractions many ways. Add/subtract fractions like denominators.

6th Grade Learning Objectives

    • I can identify statistical questions.
    • I can write statistical questions and display the collected data.
    • I can determine the mean, median, mode, and range of a data set.
    • I can display data in a box plot.
    • I can interpret and analyze a box plot.
    • I can organize data into equal intervals and display data in a frequency table or histogram.
    • I can interpret and analyze a histogram.
    • I can calculate the mean absolute deviation and interquartile range of a data set.
    • I can summarize data using measures of variability.

6th Grade Small Group Skills

    • Group 1 – Solve system of equations using elimination. Use Laws of Exponents. Rewrite expressions with rational exponents.
    • Group 2 – Subtract integers. Subtract rational numbers.
    • Group 3 – Add/subtract fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.