Important Dates

    • 05/10/24 – 5th Grade Test Correction Form Due – Students received their Topic 11 tests back along with a test correction form. Students can earn half the points lost for each incorrect question provided they complete the test correction form accurately and thoroughly. Parents have to sign the test and the test correction form. Five of the 8 questions on the test were directly from the homework. I try to make sure every student can earn at least a C. The test was graded on the following criteria:
      • 8 questions correct = A = 100%
      • 7 questions correct = B = 89%
      • 5 – 6 questions correct = C = 79%
      • 3 – 4 questions correct = D = 69%
      • 0 – 2 questions correct = F = 59%
    • 05/10/24 – 5th Grade Topic 12 Test – This will be a multiple-choice test. There will be no opportunity for a retake test because the time constraint.
    • 05/10/24 – 6th Grade Topic 8 Test (Room 218 only) – Instead of a test, 6th grade students were given a project to complete in groups this week. After three days of trying to begin the project, room 218 will no longer do the project. They will have a test instead.
    • 05/10/24 – 6th Grade Statistics Project Due (Room 219 only) 
    • 05/14/24 – Star 360 Testing Begins 


    • CPS 5th Grade Promotion Policy – Parents of students, who are at risk of having to attend summer school, will receive a notice this week that specifies the remediation plan. At-risk students will have to meet the goals of their remediation plan by 05/17/24.
      • 05/17/24 – Last day for teachers to enter grades for 5th graders.
      • 05/21/24 – Preliminary Summer Bridge Eligibility Forecast
    • No Homework Anymore
    • No Do Now Anymore

5th Grade Learning Objectives

    • I can convert customary units of length, capacity, and weight.
    • I can convert metric units of length, capacity, and mass.

5th Grade Small Group Skills

    • Group 1 – Find the area and circumference of a circle.
    • Group 2 – Evaluate numerical expressions with grouping symbols and exponents.
    • Group 3 – Add/subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

6th Grade Learning Objectives

    • I can identify statistical questions.
    • I can write statistical questions and display the collected data.
    • I can determine the mean, median, mode, and range of a data set.
    • I can display data in a box plot.
    • I can interpret and analyze a box plot.
    • I can organize data into equal intervals and display data in a frequency table or histogram.
    • I can interpret and analyze a histogram.
    • I can calculate the mean absolute deviation and interquartile range of a data set.
    • I can summarize data using measures of variability.

6th Grade Small Group Skills

    • Group 1 – Rewrite expressions with rational exponents. Perform operations with radicals.
    • Group 2 – Multiply and divide integers.
    • Group 3 – Add/subtract fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.